Favorite People: Dylan O’Brien & Shelley Hennig

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Dylan O’Brien being Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien being Dylan O’Brien

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I only make 40,000 a year. Maybe I should kill myself.


Get yourself out of King’s Landing before it is too late.

GOT || favorite scenes [1/??]
the viper [and his mouth] vs the mountain

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Kit Harington for GQ

When someone gives me unsolicited dating advice


Elsa Rhae is a Kansas City-based video editor/producer and awesome character makeup artist. She’s completely self-taught and able to transform herself into a fantastic variety of characters, including instantly recognizable faces from comic books, video games, movies and tv shows, spending between one and three hours on each dramatic transformation.

Visit Elsa Rhae’s YouTube channel for timelapse tranformations and makeup tutorials.

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